Aquarium PH Test Strips

Aquarium PH Test Strips


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Worried about the health and lives of your fishes and need to maintain the quality of the water of your fish aquarium and swimming pool. All you need for your fish aquarium and other water reservoirs is a 7 in 1 litmus paper testing strips to maintain the quality of the water. TailorStocks is providing you the best possible solution for your problem. Now, you do not need to go anywhere as the tailorstocks is providing you the best durable and high-quality aquarium PH test strips for your water aquarium and swimming pool at your doorstep as it is always keen to provide the best quality and high standard products to its valuable customers.

The aquarium PH test strips include a small round bottle containing the 50 pieces of the litmus testing strips which measures the different values and quality of the water. The strips can measure the multiple values of the water. These values are 7 values which are crucial for good water quality: ph (acidity) kh (carbonate hardness) GH (general hardness) no2 (nitrite) no3 (nitrate) bromine (brome) and chlorine. These values if in a normal and sustainable range make the water for the fishes worth living a healthy life. These values can also be measured for a public or private swimming pool. The chlorine, carbonate hardness, nitrites, and nitrates have a major effect on the body of the fishes as well for the human body is found in an abnormal range in water.

Therefore the level and quality of these substances in water should be measured and sustained on daily basis to save the lives of the fishes and humans as well. The 50 strips included in aquarium PH test strips allow and enable you to check the water quality regularly which prevents the deterioration of the lives of the fishes due to imbalanced substances in the water. The regular use of aqua quick test allows you to spot water quality problems in time to take corrective action. You can simply dip the test strip in your aquarium or pond and compare the colors on the strip with the color chart on the container.

These values determine how healthy your aquarium and swimming pool is. Abnormal values and imbalanced substances can cause problems such as water and skin diseases, algae blooms, abnormal growth, and reproduction. Water quality is the result of many factors such as plant's fish aquarium volume etc. As well as external factors such as overfeeding, type of water added, the filter used and duration and amount of lighting, etc. Overfeeding can result in more than the nutrients and minerals in the water which pollutes the water and make it harmful as well. The type of water added can also be an important factor therefore be careful in using water for the aquarium. So, the use of aquarium PH test strips can give you many advantages.


  • High Accuracy
  • Measures 7 values
  • Efficient Paper Strips
  • Preserves Water quality


  • Brand name: TailorStocks
  • Pieces: 50
  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: Paper

It saves hassle. It saves time and easy to use. It has high accuracy. So, what are waiting for? Order these amazing, high accuracy, and durable aquarium PH test strips for water aquarium, as well as your pool from tailorstocks before the sale, ends. Your product is just a few clicks away from you!

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Kenya Trantow

Very fast shipping very good seller Thanks

Misty McLaughlin

very long delivery time, the strip test work, but you see it's not big quality when you see that colors get out from the strip and go in water, at least you can have a base on measure for a low price

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