Cat Water Dispenser

Cat Water Dispenser


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Living in the homes, the cats need extra care for their body metabolisms. This can easily be done with a cat water dispenser. The way the cats drink water is unique in itself. Unlike the dogs which lick the water, the cats have a whole new mechanism of drinking the water. The cats use the tip of their tongue to pull water upward into their mouth while keeping its jaws closed before the gravity pulls the column of liquid back towards the earth. Now you can easily take care of your cat’s water by simply providing the cat with a cat water dispenser. Now you can easily buy the cat water dispenser from the tailorstocks. We always provide the best quality products to its valuable customers.

The cat water dispenser is a must-have for every cat owner as it will help your stay hydrated. It will keep providing the cat with fresh and clean water even when you are not at home. Suppose you are going out somewhere and you left your cat at home if you don’t have automatic cat dispenser you need to hire a caretaker for your cat but if you have this automatic cat dispenser you can feel relaxed while going out as it will keep providing the fresh and clean water to your lovely cat.

With the help of this smart automatic cat dispenser. You need not worry about your cat as it will take great care of your cat in your absence. One of the most striking features of this automatic cat water dispenser is that it does not need to be refilled every day, in fact, it can last for a few days when filled and another thing which is worth mentioning is that it will not let the water get dirty.

It will keep the water clean and pure and will not let the dust enter the water and it will not keep discharging the water it will discharge the water merely when the water is required so in that sense it also saves the water. The water that the cat gets out of this cat water dispenser is fully filtered and cleaned.


  • Powerful pump for pure water
  • Circulation filtration layer by layer
  • Intercept harmful substance
  • Stable water flow sweet taste
  • A light lick is clear and sweet


  • Brand Name: TailorStocks
  • LCD Display: Yes
  • Material: Plastic
  • Storage: 2000g
  • Power Source: Charge & Battery

This cat water dispenser is the need of every cat as it provides the clean and hygienic water to the cat and does not let the mouth hairs of the cat get wet while drinking water from it. So what are you waiting for? Order it now from the tailorstocks before the sale ends. Your product is just a few clicks away from you!

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Customer Reviews

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Sven Zieme

Super thing, beautiful, comfortable, works fine, thank you very much to the seller

Joel Green

It's all right, except for a short wire. It would be better if there was a hole under the micro USB in the case so that you can buy the power supply with the wire of the desired length. In the rest, a very good drinking bowl, completely silent, shines inbrightly, the plastic does not smell anything. Cats are surprisingly quickly used to it and with pleasure began to drink.

Isobel Skiles

Very fast delivery sdecom, 2 days to Nizhny Novgorod. Unfortunately, the Bowl came with a cattle, sent a photo to the seller, he immediately responded and sent absolutely the same kit in addition, delivery 5 days from Moscow. Thank you, everything works, the motor is not heard, the support is 150 mAh, 5 volts, it works from the bank.

Vida Brown

How cute! I liked it very much) I ordered with a rug (cloud) + 3 filters, everything came. Packed well, everything came whole. Everything works, for me it's so noisy zero. Delivery fast, ordered 31.03 came 09.04. Very pleased with the stylish and beautiful fountain. Cats have not yet appreciated, only fit sniffing) thanks to the seller)

Arianna Wintheiser

The drinking bowl is beautiful! We were afraid that she would make noise, but it works absolutely quietly! Collected very quickly, in the instruction there are pictures. The water flakes slowly. The cat went carefully, sniffed and began to drink. The second day drinks with pleasure. In the kit there is no plug for the outlet, but this is indicated in the description, read carefully! Power Bank for 10000 is enough for a day of work, and you can connect directly into the socket through charging from the phone. Delivery to the dentist took no more than a couple of weeks. Highly recommend!!!

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