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Custom Dog Feeder


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You have to purchase a custom dog feeder. The diet plays a very vital role in the lives of living creatures like what to when to eat and how much to eat? All of these questions although seems very common and unimportant but are very essential for a healthy and happy life. Similarly, the dogs also need a diet schedule the puppies need to be feed from three to five times a day however the adult dog needs to feed twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening or according to the veterinarian.

Some people even feed their dogs once in a day, but we should keep in mind that the diets of dogs vary from dog to dog and breed to breed. So in such an advanced world, we need to feed our dog a very balanced and measured diet from custom dog feeder. The custom dog feeder can solve all the problems of your dog’s diet as it will provide your dog with a very balanced and measured diet right according to the needs of your dog.

You can easily get this amazing food wall corner space saver automatic bowl from the tailorstocks. Which provides very high-quality products to its valued customers. These automatic custom dog feeder help provide the proper weight management by giving your pet all the portioned feedings that they need to stay healthy and calm.

If you have a dog who have eating problems for instance if your dog eats too fast or engulfs the food in a very weird way then a custom dog feeder bowl is all you need as the new dog feeder bowl will help your dog slow down and eat slowly.


  • Automatic water dispenser
  • Container is transparent
  • Easy to Clean & Install


  • Brand Name: TailorStocks
  • Kettle capacity: 500ml
  • Bucket Capacity: Full Bowl
  • Material: PP + HIPS

The feed option on the custom dog feeder will help your dog eat the right amount of food with water. The custom feeder can be fitted into the walls it is designed to provide your dog with the food and proper water. The dog food is stored in a bowl so that it does not get damaged or dirty. This custom dog feeder is made up of pp and hips and the kettle capacity of this device is 500ml means 500ml of water can be stored in it for the drinking of dog. It is available in different sizes and one dog feeder bowl is enough for one dog.

This custom dog feeder filled with water and food. So this is the best product for your dog which you need. So what are you waiting for? Buy it now from the tailorstocks. Your product is just a few clicks away from you.

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Virgie Predovic

Fast delivery, in two weeks to the Moscow region delivered. Without damage

Lamont Sawayn

Упаковка отличная, всё приехало целое. Котяра оценил!

Marietta Von

It's convenient to put it in the corner. Fast Delivery

Tyrell DuBuque

Excellent feeder

Chaz Marks

Custom Dog Feeder

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