Dog Finger Toothbrush

Dog Finger Toothbrush


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Have you ever thought? That the way humans need to clean their teeth regularly to avoid the plague and bad breath in the same way the dogs also need to keep their teeth clean. Otherwise, the teeth of the dog will become very dirty, and the plague will settle on the teeth. And it will cause bad breath and make it very difficult for you to spend time with the dog. The dog finger toothbrush will not let the plague settle on the teeth of the dog, and it will prevent the bad breath of the dog. You can easily get this amazing dog finger toothbrush from the tailorstocks. We always provide the best quality products to its valuable customer's order now before the sale ends.

The dog finger toothbrush is made plastic and rubber, which is eco-friendly and is safe for the dogs. The dog finger toothbrush is very easy to use, to use this amazing toothbrush just put it a little bit on your index finger. And put on some toothpaste on it now let the dog lick it for a while and make sure the dog likes the toothpaste and also make sure to use the dog toothpaste instead of human toothpaste.

As human toothpaste can make the dog sick and uncomfortable. So better to use dog toothpaste. Many people are confused about it how often they should brush the teeth of their dogs. Normally brushing the teeth of the dog daily is recommended, but if your dog has clean and healthy teeth, then brushing the teeth of the dog three days week can also work for you.

Here a few things to remember that when you don't brush the teeth of the dog, the plaque can build up on the teeth of the dog. Which can easily put the health of your dog at risk and can cause bad breath, gum diseases and can even cause tooth decay. The dog finger toothbrush is specially designed for the dogs when you put the dog brush on your finger you notice that each finger brush is very soft and pliable and it is very easy to use and can easily slip onto your fingers which makes the rubbing get onto the teeth of the dog very easy and comfortable. Like the normal human toothbrush the dog finger toothbrush has two sides one I the brushing side and other is knobbly side.

It is very important to prioritize dental care as a part of your pets overall preventive health care program. The most important benefits of routine dental hygiene ensure the reduced bad breath, better overall health for your dog.


  • Clean the pet teeth
  • Acceptable to dog
  • Strong and clean teeth


  • Brand Name: TailorStocks
  • Material: Safe Plastic & Rubber

The dog finger toothbrush is essential for all the dogs as it will help you keep you your dog healthy and clean. It will not let the plaque settle onto the teeth of your dog and ensures the overall health to your dog. What are you waiting for? Order is now from the tailorstocks before the sale ends. Your product is just a few clicks away from you!

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Randi Glover

Very fast delivery, in the case have not yet tried.

Sandra Hoeger

Beauty, looks more than it seems

Lavada Murazik

The goods are received safely and safely in the general parcel on time. Thanks to the store.

Damian Leannon

Cool toothpick, very soft material, I have not tried it yet! To the seller Thank you and 5 +

Magnolia Mayert

Brushes liked, there were no problems with the shipment. The dog likes it. No objection.

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