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Dog Food Measuring Cup


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The dog’s diet needs to be maintained according to his needs. Every dog has his diet requirements. Some dogs need to be fed twice a day some need to feed three to four times a day, and some dogs even require five meals a day. The dog owners need to maintain the amount of food they give to their dogs. The owners who are very serious about the diet of the dog measure the meals of the dog before serving. This way, the dog gets the right amount of meal at the right time according to his body requirements. The dog owners who don’t have a dog food measuring cup can easily get it from the tailorstocks. We provide the best quality products to its valued customers

The pet lovers will be easily able to measure the dog’s meal before serving it to the dog, and their dog will get the maximum nourishment from it. The dog food measuring cup will help you quantify your dog’s food. Your dog can have a more balanced diet from this measuring scoop. The measuring cup for dog food is amazing too for feeding the dog, and cooking, you can also use it to measure your products. It is multipurpose it will not only measure the foods for your dog, but it can also measure your things, and you can use it to measure your things as well.

This measuring scoop for food is very effective for measuring the liquids as well as solid foods. It can easily measure in grams, milliliters, cups, and oz. You can measure the water of the dog, food of the dog and other ingredients can also be measure form it such as the beans, flour, and flavors for the dog’s food. To measure the different products use different units. All you have to do is to change the measuring units by simply pressing the unit button on the dog food measuring cup.

This dog food measuring cup also features a spoon in it which can be easily detached when needed you can easily detach the spoon when needed to clean it or wash it and to make it safe healthy and hygienic for the dog.

The electronic scale featured on the spoon with clear led display models. It is clearly visible, and it is very easy to read the precise figures from the measuring cup. This dog food measuring cup is very efficient and durable. It can easily endure temperatures from -20 degrees to 100-degree celsius. It is suitable for all dog breeds, and it can easily weigh up to 800g. It is the spoon in the dog food measuring scoop. It is portable and removable and can be easily detached according to the needs.


  • Led display
  • Detachable spoon
  • Quantify balance
  • Electronic scale spoon
  • Weighs both solid and liquid
  • Effectively measure in g, ml, cup, oz.


  • Brand Name: TailorStocks
  • Volume: 800g
  • Accuracy: 1g
  • Measurement Errors: 800g+/-15g
  • Material: Plastic+Stainless Steel+Glass

Now use the dog food measuring cups to maintain a balanced diet of your dog and increase the nourishment of your dog by giving the right amount of meals at the right time. So what are you waiting for? Order it now from the tailorstocks before the sale ends. Your product is just a few clicks away!

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Albertha Yundt

It came surprisingly quickly. The battery is not included. Until I understand the norms or not, because. When empty bowl shows weight

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