Hanging Glass Fish Aquarium

Hanging Glass Fish Aquarium


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All of these problems can be solved very easily with the help of a hanging glass fish aquarium. As the name of the hanging glassfish aquarium implies that it is a hang, therefore it is the safest. Your children will not be able to touch the fish aquarium and the fish will stay safe inside the aquarium. It is the best choice you have when it comes to choosing the best fish aquarium as the other aquariums such as the fishbowls can break very easily and you have to take special of them. But the hanging glass fish aquarium is hung on the wall. Therefore, the children will not able to touch the hanging glassfish aquarium. Moreover, it looks very stylish and unique. You can get the hanging glass fish aquarium from the tailorstocks which always provides the best quality products to its valuable customers.

It is very unique in design and it gives a whole new look to your home when hung with the walls. It is made up of high-quality glass and iron which is environmentally friendly and a hundred percent safe for the fish. Hereby it is worth mentioning that the glass of the hanging glass fish aquarium is nor ordinary. It is different and probably more durable and stronger than the ordinary glass.

However, to hang the glass aquarium safely with the wall there is iron the aquarium is very lightweight and easy to carry. The fish aquarium weighs between 85 to 110 grams. It can easily take up to 1 liter of water inside it. The hanging glass fish aquarium is very innovative. It is in the shape of a vase, the height of the vase of the 15cm and the width of the vase is 10cm whereas the flat mouth from where you add water inside the aquarium

4cm in diameter and the overall height of the iron holder attached with the fish aquarium is 23 cm. It is very stylish and innovative. When this aquarium is hung with the wall it will look very pleasant. It will serve as both the aquarium as well as the decorative piece.


  • Breathable
  • Fish Tank Flower Plant
  • White Rack Fishbowls


  • Brand Name: Tailorstocks
  • Volume: 1L
  • Material: Glass
  • Aquariums Type: Fish Bowls

This hanging glass fish aquarium is the best fish aquarium you can ever get for your fish. It is made up of glass and iron and it is not the ordinary fishbowl. It is a wall hanging fish bowl which can be hung with the wall as a decorative piece. And it looks very unique and interesting when it is hung with the wall. So what are you waiting for? Order it now from the tailorstocks before the sale ends. Your product is just a few clicks away from you!

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