Litmus Testing Paper for Water Aquarium

Litmus Testing Paper for Water Aquarium


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All you need to maintain the environment of your fish aquarium is a litmus testing paper set. The water of the fish tank becomes polluted if not frequently changed or drained and therefore becomes harmful for the lives of fishes due to the presence of high nutrients and other minerals. It is necessary to test the water daily to maintain the minerals and other ingredients. Now, you do not need to go anywhere as the tailorstocks are providing you the best durable and high-quality litmus testing paper for water aquarium at your doorstep as it is always keen to provide the best quality and high standard products to its valuable customers.

This litmus testing paper for water aquarium includes 80 strips of the litmus testing papers that are small and long in size. There is a PH chart provided with each product to compare the paper with the chart after testing the water. This PH chart includes the 1 to 14 colors from more acidic towards more alkaline. The PH chart is read as follows
PH 1-14 color chart: 1 - 3 refers to the very acidic substance, 4 – 6 means that the result is an acidic substance, 7 means the substance is neutral means that it is neither acidic nor basic, 8 - 11 refers to the alkalinity of the substance, 12 - 14 means very high level of alkalinity of the substance.

All the litmus testing paper for water aquarium is yellow in color which changes its colors after they are put in water to be tested. The size of each strip is 7 x 45mm which a basic and standard size of any strip used for testing a substance. There is a strong correlation between the PH of the body's internal environment and PH paper helps you to maintain a good healthy body environment by testing many usual and unusual everyday substances, including moisturized soap, lemon juice, milk, liquid detergent, moisturized soil, saliva, urine, sweat, etc.

The test strip color changes must be matched with the PH scale color chart within about 15 seconds and then you can compare and find the maintainability of your body. It is the most durable and high accuracy testing process to test your body’s PH. These litmus testing papers for water aquarium can be very helpful to process big work. It was not possible to test your body’s fluid in seconds at home some time ago but after the discovery of these strips, it is possible and easy to test your body’s PH on your own anytime and anywhere you need to do it.


  • Home Use
  • High Accuracy
  • Durable & Efficient
  • Result in 15 seconds


  • Brand Name: TailorStocks
  • Color: Yellow
  • Size: 7x45mm
  • Strips: 80 strips

These litmus testing paper strips are not only helpful for home use but also can be used in school laboratories to carry out different tests in chemistry and to perform practical in your school and college laboratory. So, what are waiting for? Order this amazing, high accuracy, and durable litmus testing paper for water aquarium as well as your laboratory from tailorstocks before the sale ends. Your product is just a few clicks away from you!

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