Plastic Aquarium Plants

Plastic Aquarium Plants


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If you are looking for a set with more variety, then this is what you opt for. This set of plastic plants comes with a single plant but in 7 different pieces each having something different to offer. You will also note they are at various heights to make it even better. All the plants present you with bright colors. With such vibrant and vivid colors, the aquarium should definitely look great. The use of plastic material means you will not have to worry about maintenance. With a bit of regular cleaning, you should be done. Also, the plants are free from rust and rot as compared to other alternatives. It is going to give the aquarium that natural look you have always wanted. Setting it up is fast and easy. Having a weighted base always keeps it from rocking around in the aquarium. For its size, many find it good for many aquarium sizes. You can try it today. For its color, many find it appealing. You can set it up in any aquarium environment and it will look great. Vibrant colors always make things better. The best part is that the model is safe for saltwater, freshwater, or tropical aquariums. TailorStocks is providing you the best durable and high-quality plastic aquarium plants at your doorstep as it is always keen to provide the best quality and high standard products to its valuable customers.

This package of the product features small plastic aquarium plants. The composition of these plants is plastic which is highly safe, eco & environment friendly, and durable. The weight of this plastic aquarium plant is only 65g which makes it a lightweight product and easy to carry & move anywhere you need it. The height of this plastic artificial plant is 24cm/13cm and you can order according to the size of your fish aquarium. These are multiple colored products and comes in different colors. These colors are green, blue, purple, red, and contrast with all these colors.

These plastic aquarium plants provide a beautiful decoration for your aquarium and also is an excellent hiding place for fish which adds extra fun to play. It is designed with a weighted base, so they can stand firmly in the tank. They are absolutely safe for fish as they won't be hurt, rot, or cause any algae problems. It is without any requirement of lighting and carbon dioxide. The big size plant is of 24cm in size while the mini size is of 13cm in size. These are lightweight and easily adjusted within the fish aquarium. The material is good for flexibility so that it gives you a realistic sway in the water. The deep green color can attract many people to consider it. The PVC plastic and ceramic base used in the composition of this product is highly durable and safe.


  • High Quality
  • Safe & Durable
  • Easy Adjustable
  • Good Flexibility


  • Brand Name: TailorStocks
  • Weight: 65g
  • Sizes: 24cm, 13cm
  • Material: PVC Plastic

It is the best small-sized and lightweight artificial ornamental plant you can ever get for your fish aquarium. So what are you waiting for? Order these amazing, high quality, and durable plastic aquarium plants for your fish aquarium from tailorstocks before the sale ends. Your product is just a few clicks away from you!

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