Waterproof Dog Mat

Waterproof Dog Mat


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If you have a dog who has no training and who defecate or urinate everywhere in the house or you find his urine or defecation everywhere in the house and you find it very hard to clean your house. Say no to this dirty work of cleaning the dog poop or urine. You can train your dog to defecate on a specific spot by just simply buying a waterproof dog mat. This waterproof dog crate mat is a perfect absorbent and it will not let the urine to sink on the floor. This washable dog, diaper is very important for you as it will help you to clean your house. The washable dog mat is a must-have for all the pet lovers as it will work as a diaper for your dog and it will provide you’re a dog a space to urinate on.

This waterproof dog mat is specially made to absorb the urine of your dog. It is made up of high-quality cotton cloth and anti-skid cloth which do not let the urine to sink to the floor and keeps your house clean and hygienic. This dog mat is available in different sizes suitable for the dogs of all size breeds. The dogs of different breeds have different requirements, the small dog breeds need small urine mat, medium dog breeds need medium dog mat and large dog breeds need large dog mat.

It is available in two magnificent colors beige and grey. This dog mat features an anti-slid surface which prevents all kinds of movements the dogs are unable to move it. The high-quality materials used in this mat absorb the urine quickly and it never leaks. This is a long-lasting and reliable product you don’t have to keep buying a dog mat after every few months a single dog mat is enough for a dog from infancy to adulthood.

With this mat, you can train your dog to defecate on it so that you don’t have to clean the whole house. This dog mat is easy to wash you can also wash it in a washing machine, it is very strong and reliable and your dog cannot bite it or chew it. It is very solid and lightweight, it weighs merely 330g means you can easily move it from place to another and it can also be carried easily. This washable dog mat is a must-have for all pet lovers to keep their houses clean. You can also keep your house clean by buying this waterproof dog mat.


  • Train dogs to learn to the position.
  • Adopting high-quality material.
  • Absorb the urine quickly, not easy to leak back.
  • Anti slid bottom can prevent the dogs from moving.
  • Environmental protection mat.


  • Brand Name: Tailorstocks
  • Wash Style: Mechanical Wash
  • Waterproof: Yes

Furthermore, This waterproof dog mat can be used again and again and it is going to keep your house clean. Now with this dog mat, you are not going to see any dog urine or dog poop in your house. You can easily buy this amazing product from the tailorstock brand is well-known for providing the best quality products to its valued customers. So hurry up order it now and solve all your problems.

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