Wireless Dog Containment

Wireless Dog Containment


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Wireless dog containment is very important for all dog owners. Because The owners can relate to it very well that dogs always need a guardian or supervisor, otherwise either the dog will get out of control or the dog can be lost. Suppose you go to a nearby park with your dog while you are sitting on the bench and talking to your friend or using your mobile phone the dog is playing while playing the dog can go out of the park and eventually the dog can be lost too. But not the case with the wireless dog containment. As it will not let your dog lost and provides you with full control over the movements of your dog. You can easily get this amazing wireless dog containment system from the tailorstocks. We always provide the best quality products to its valuable customers.

And if you are going out of the city and you don’t want to carry your dog with you. This wireless dog containment is also of great help to you. Before the wireless dog containment. You need to hire a caretaker for your dog to look after your dog when you are not around.

But when you buy this wireless dog containment, You don’t need to pay to the caretakers as the wireless dog containment system will do the job for you. It will take care of your dog and will not let your dog cross a certain area thus, it will keep your dog safe and secure inside the house and will not let the dog get lost. The dog containment features the transmitter and receiver. When you on it and set a specific radius for your dog. It starts working, and whenever your dog goes out of this radius, the dog containment system warns the dog with beeps. And if the dog does not return, it gives a shock to the dog until the dog does not return into the safe are.

This wireless dog containment works efficiently within a radius of 500 meters, and it can be easily controlled with the help of a remote. A single transmitter of the dog containment system can easily handle an infinite number of transmitters without causing interference with one and other.

The dog collar transmitter also features an LCD, which displays the signal strength, radius, and other settings. This product is three in one. Firstly, it serves as a wireless dog fence pet containment system. Secondly, it functions as an electric dog training collar, and Thirdly it works as an electronic pet fence. The wireless dog containment weighs merely 440g, which is very lightweight and is easy to carry. And it is suitable for all size dog breeds.


  • Remote radius is 500 meters
  • The transmitter is adjustable from 0-100
  • The receiver distance is 20-500 meters
  • The receiver is waterproof, rechargeable, economical and durable
  • Transmitter with LCD display to visually display the current signal


  • Brand Name: TailorStocks
  • Weight: 440g
  • Material: Plastic
  • Transmitter size: 14.0*8.5*3.2CM
  • Receiver size: 6.5*3.9*3.2CM
  • Color box size: 28.5*18.0*5.0CM

This wireless dog containment is a must-have for all dog owners who have a large and strong dog. It is lightweight, waterproof, rechargeable, economical, durable, and long-lasting. So what are you waiting for? Order it now from the tailorstocks before the sale ends. Your product is just a few clicks away from you!

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