Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit

Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit


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You worried about the discoloration of your teeth. All you need for your problem is an instant teeth whitening kit. When the color of your teeth changes it is called teeth discoloration. It usually happens due to cold drinks, excess consumption of coffee, or regular smoking. Therefore, the natural color of the teeth fades out using these ingredients. There are several tools and products in the market offering whitening teeth in minimum time but some of them are harmful which makes the teeth sensitive and thus results in tooth decay. Wireless teeth whitening kit is an ideal product that you can use on your own to treat your teeth discoloration. It is easy to install and automatic in operation. Now, you do not need to go anywhere as the tailorstocks is providing you the best durable and high-quality teeth whitening kit at your doorstep as it is always keen to provide the best quality and high standard products to its valuable customers.

There are many reasons for tooth discoloration. Maybe it is because of extrinsic reasons or intrinsic. Extrinsic reasons are that something comes in contact with your teeth from outside due to smoking, coffee, and cold drinks consumption. Intrinsic reasons are due to something inside your teeth or body. Age is also a factor in this regard. The teeth also get discolored with the passing of time and the aged persons commonly have a problem of tooth decay & discoloration. That's why you need this wireless teeth whitening kit

This package of the product includes a small piece of wireless teeth whitening kit made up of high quality and good quality plastic material which is highly safe and skin-friendly. It is a lightweight tool that can easily be carried & hold in your mouth to get the best results. The net weight of this kit is 35g. There are 16 led lights coloring red & blue on each side of the jaw. It includes 35% carbamide peroxide which with the help of led lights helps to remove tobacco and coffee stains. It has wireless charging technology with a USB interface at one end and adopts a rechargeable battery of 4.5v in it. It has a set of 3 whitening gels that are applied before the installation of the led light tool. There are three colors in this kit; these colors are black, white & pink and you can choose the color as per your choice.

It is a highly durable and long-lasting product as compared to the other ordinary teeth whitening products available in the market. This wireless teeth whitening kit is rechargeable and does not use any power supply thus does not cost any electricity. It is waterproof and can be washed and rinsed with water for cleaning purposes. It gives the best results in only 15 minutes of its installation in the teeth. It possesses dual light technology. The cold blue light helps in professional teeth whitening. It is highly safe and convenient to use that can be used in salons, homes, and related places.


  • Safe
  • Easy To Use
  • Quick Whitening
  • Accelerate Whitening


  • Brand Name: TailorStocks
  • NET WT: 35g
  • Size: Moderate
  • Flavor: Fresh Mint
  • Ingredient: 35% Carbamide Peroxide

It is an ideal high quality & best standard teeth whitening kit you can ever get for yourself. So what are you waiting for? Order this amazing & beautiful wireless teeth whitening kit for your teeth from tailorstocks before the sale ends. Your product is just a few clicks away from you!

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Customer Reviews

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Lambert Tillman

The order was delivered very quickly to the Stavropol territory. Packed perfectly. Charging works, the cap came charged. Minus-silicone is not removed to normally wash it. And instruction in English. The gel smells like toothpaste with mint flavor, sweet to taste. I did not communicate with the seller. I have not tried it yet, but I hope that my teeth will bleach

Sigrid Conroy

Excellent quality! Recommend! Reached the order quickly enough, on the route you could track the delivery. Packed very high quality, the goods themselves are super! Purchase is happy!

Britney Larkin

It came on time, super quality, looks very decent. Hope there will be a good result.

Alexzander Barrows

Everything came on time and everything was sealed well, everything works

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